Handy Hints

Helpful hints and things to think about

Have a rehearsal with your celebrant, wedding party and anyone who will be included in the ceremony e.g. photographer, videographer, venue manager.

Sixteen to nine months before
Start a wedding notebook, folder or even a box to keep everything in.  you will be amazed at how much 'stuff' you will be given.

Work out your budget

Book a venue

Book an obligation free meeting with me
Choose your wedding party
Start the guest list
Do your homework on photographers, music, florists, cars and caterers.


Usually you need three music tracks. One slowish one for the processional, the second for during the signing and a more upbeat track for the recessional. 


You need two. Your witnesses can be anyone but they need to be able to understand what they have witnessed.

Make sure someone on both sides who is reliable but not in wedding party has contact phone and email details for venue, photographer, celebrant, cars, florist and any other key people involved in your special day.

I have lots of handy hints to share which will make your day so much easier and relaxed. You will be able to enjoy your day.