Wedding Packages

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Congratulations on your engagement
and future wedding, how exciting!


Looking for the right wedding package? Let me help.

I offer wedding packages for my couples to cover every budget:


Celebrantmagic Bells and Whistles

Celebrantmagic Easy Peasy

Celebrantmagic Zoom Zoom Bride and Groom

I have brilliant recommendations from couples I have married.

Check out my recommendation pages.

Please note:  For all packages: You need to apply online for your marriage licence from Births Deaths and Marriages NZ


Your marriage licence will cost you $150.00 from Births Deaths and Marriages.


You must have two witnesses to your marriage who understand what they are witnessing.

I would love to know more about you and your wedding plans, lets talk call me for a chat or email me. This is your beautiful wedding day we need to plan. We will work together to make your day a truly special loving ceremony for you and your partner. I will write a unique personalised ceremony for you.

Your day will run smoothly from recessional to processional.

I believe love is universal regardless of gender. Love is Love. 

The size of a wedding does not make it more or less significant or special. A wedding is the sharing of love between two people who can’t imagine being without each other and who want to make their declaration of love legal and public.

Do you have a date and a venue? Do you know where to start with all of this? I do. Let me help you


Putting your perfect day together can take a lot of organising and check lists to tick off, that is just the way it is. Together we will make your ceremony a stunning success. A day you and your guests will remember forever and reflect on with love and a smile.

You may be scrolling through lots of sites looking for recommendations, a celebrant that fits your personality, way of thinking and your style or simply your budget. I can help you. Feel free, give me a call on +64 21 895 590 or send me an email and we will see if I am available on your wedding date.